What industries can vacuum evaporation be used in

- Jul 18, 2020-

What industries can vacuum evaporation be used in?


Most of the major industries are used in decoration, optics, electricity, machinery and corrosion prevention, etc. The more common ones are described as follows:

1. Anti-reflection coating of the lens (MgO, MgF2, SiO2, etc.), with the lens placed on the hemispheric support, can be plated for more than 100 pieces at a time.

2. Metal, alloy or compound coating, used for microelectronics as conductor, resistor, photoelectric function, etc.
3. Aluminum or tantalum plated as capacitor electrode on insulating material.
4. MCrAlY coated with special alloy has heat resistance and oxidation resistance, with temperature resistance up to 1100℃. It can be used for workpiece that must be resistant to high temperature environment, such as high-speed cutting and forming processing, turbine engine blade, etc.
5. Gold plating belongs to glass panels for building decoration and uv protection.
6. Ion evaporation of aluminum is applied to the plate at a negative high voltage. The aluminum is then heated to evaporate.

7. Coated with aluminum, suitable for decoration or label, and coated with metal. The biggest use is packing, can moistureproof, prevent the infiltration of air.
8. Mechanical parts or tool grinding tools plated hard film (TiC, TiN, Al2O3) these super hard film not only high hardness, can effectively improve the wear resistance, and the required thickness is small, can meet the workpiece precision requirements.
9. Manufacture of special alloy sheets.
10. Multilayer coating on steel plate to improve its performance.
11. Silicon plating on CdS solar cells can increase their efficiency.
12. The fabrication of nanometer powder is plated on a cold substrate so that it does not adhere.

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