What are the technical and structural requirements for Evaporation vacuum coating machine?

- Jan 29, 2019-

What are the technical and structural requirements for Evaporation vacuum coating machine?

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I. structure requirements


1, the structure of the equipment should be reasonable layout, beautiful shape, easy to operate, easy to maintain.

2. The structure and size of static and dynamic seals in the equipment shall conform to the provisions of GB/T 6070 and JB/T 1090 ~ 1092.

3. A vacuum gauge shall be installed on the low and high vacuum pipelines and the coating chamber to measure the pressure of each part separately.

4. If the vacuum unit of the equipment is dominated by the diffusion pump, baffle or cold well shall be installed at the inlet of the diffusion pump.

5, the coating room should have an observation window, for the coating process of radiation equipment, the observation window should be equipped with anti-ray lenses.

6, with the workpiece baking equipment, there should be temperature measuring electrode or temperature measuring device.

 7, the rotation speed of the workpiece frame rotating mechanism should meet the requirements of product design.

8. The equipment equipped with ion bombarding device or wide beam low-energy ion source device shall be able to work normally and stably for more than 30 minutes within the parameters specified in the product design requirements.

9. The heater with tungsten wire as the evaporation heat source should be able to make the evaporation of the evaporation material normal, and in the evaporation process, the heater geometry should not affect the normal evaporation.

10. The evaporation source of the equipment should be stable and easy to adjust and control. Technical requirements for various evaporation sources (such as resistance evaporation sources, electron beam evaporation sources, ion beam evaporation sources, laser evaporation sources, inductive evaporation sources, etc.) shall be specified in accordance with the relevant product standards.

11. When the equipment adopts low voltage and high current resistance evaporation source, each evaporation source heater shall work normally under the state of voltage 4V ~ 20V and current 50A ~ 180A.


Ii. Manufacturing requirements

1. The machining quality, welding quality and assembly quality of parts and components of the equipment shall comply with the provisions of the manufacturer's technical documents.

2. Roughness Ra value of indoor surface of equipment coating and sealing surface shall be no more than 1.6um, and all surfaces in vacuum state shall be effectively cleaned and dried by vacuum. All rotating parts, lifting mechanism and other actions should be flexible, not stuck, stagnation, loose, shaking and abnormal sound phenomenon, etc.

3. The materials of the main parts and components of the equipment shall conform to the relevant material standards.

4. The quality of the supporting electrical devices shall comply with the manufacturer's technical documents, and ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment in operation and operation.

5. The appearance quality of the equipment shall be free from non-functional requirements such as sharp corners, edges, bulges and rough surfaces.The edge of the joint surface of parts should be neat and even without obvious dislocation.Metal parts should be solid coating, no fall off and rust and other phenomena, all strong parts should be rust layer.The coating surface of the equipment should be bright and clean, beautiful, firm, no shedding, peeling and other phenomena.

6. The ancillary products purchased from the equipment shall conform to the corresponding product standards and shall have quality certificates.The self-made auxiliary products in the equipment can only be used after passing the inspection by the inspection department of the manufacturer.

7. Various evaporation sources, auxiliary ion sources and ion bombardment, workpiece rotation, workpiece baking, workpiece bias, film thickness monitoring and other devices in the equipment.Item - by - item debugging and joint debugging should be carried out.When the workpiece is heated to the rated temperature, the vacuum outdoor surface temperature shall not be higher than 45 degrees, and the moving part of the equipment shall work normally.