What are the five steps of CVD reaction

- Jul 20, 2020-

What are the five steps of CVD reaction?

(1) The pre-reactants of different components in the gas phase come in from the mainstream gas and transfer the substrate surface by diffusion mechanism. Ideally, the concentration of the precursor on the substrate is zero, meaning that the substrate reacts immediately, which is not the case.
(2) The pre-reactants are adsorbed on the substrate, and the pre-reactants are still allowed to carry out a limited degree of lateral surface movement on the substrate.

(3) The precursors undergo a chemical reaction on the substrate to produce chemical molecules in the sediment, and then, after accumulation, nucleation, migration, growth and other steps, a continuous membrane is finally combined.

(4) Adsorb the excess precursors and unnucleated gas products.
(5) The adsorbed gas is transmitted to the main gas phase by diffusion mechanism, and is discharged after transmission.


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