What are the applications of vacuum technology in industrial waste gas treatment

- May 17, 2019-

What are the applications of vacuum technology in industrial waste gas treatment


The treatment of three wastes is an important link in industrial production. Screw blower products from screw blower manufacturers are commonly used in sewage and flue gas desulfurization treatment. Today we want to understand the waste gas treatment and screw fan manufacturers another major category of products - vacuum pump, that is, the application of vacuum technology in waste gas treatment.


Industrial gases include particulate gases and gaseous gases, including various sulfides, fluorides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, soot, and so on. These substances have different hazards to animals and plants as well as human body, and at the same time affect the climate and environment, so the treatment of industrial waste gas is indispensable. There are three typical aspects of industrial waste gas treatment by vacuum technology:


The first is air purification, which mainly includes a centralized vacuum cleaning system and a vacuum suction method to detect contamination techniques. Unlike common waste gas treatment, the former is mainly used to create a clean production environment, ensure the production of high-quality products and the health of producers. The latter is to use vacuum suction device to collect surface pollutants to analyze and measure the content of its components for targeted treatment.


The second is flue gas desulfurization, which is a very typical application of industrial waste gas treatment. In electric power, pulp and other industries, the exhaust gas contains a large amount of sulfur dioxide, which needs to be treated by absorption, absorption, catalytic conversion and other methods. The limestone method, metal oxide method and other absorption methods are common flue gas desulfurization methods. After the absorber absorbs the sulfur dioxide in the exhaust gas, the next thing to be done is to carry out vacuum filtration on it through the vacuum technology process to separate the solid and liquid of absorption slurry, and then carry out vacuum concentration crystallization drying to release sulfur dioxide to recover the absorber.


The third is the treatment of acid mixture. Chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises that adopt chlorination, sulfonation, nitrification and other processes will discharge various mixed acidic exhaust gas in production. The acid mixed gas can be absorbed by packed absorber and graphite falling-film absorber, but it takes up a lot of land, costs a lot of money and is difficult to recover. If the vacuum process is adopted, the injection pump and dilute lye are used as the medium to form negative pressure, and the acidic mixed gas absorbed by the water absorber is inhaled. The mixed gas and the solution are fully in contact, absorption and reaction, thus being recycled and removed. Compared with other processes, this method is more advantageous in energy consumption, investment and other aspects.


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