What Are The Advantages Of Vacuum Coating Equipment

- Nov 08, 2017-

As living standards continue to improve, the vacuum coating equipment requirements are increasingly high, in our daily life have come into contact with exquisite decoration is the source of vacuum coating equipment, such as we are usually the most common anti-theft door handle, and tap the most commonly used is through vacuum coating.

And what advantages does it have?

1. Simple clean, not vacuuming.

2. The plastic surface has conductivity, improve the appearance, smooth appearance, metal luster color, greatly improve the decorative.

3. To improve the appearance hardness, the original plastic appearance is easier than the metal damage, vacuum coating technology, hardness and wear resistance greatly increased.

4. Can improve the weather resistance, usually plastic in the outdoor will aging very fast, the main reason is ultraviolet light caused by, and after aluminum plating, aluminum on ultraviolet reflection is strongest, so weatherability greatly improved.

5. Reduce the water absorption rate, the number of coating, the pinhole less, the water absorption rate decreased, the product is not easy to deformation, improve heat resistance.

In addition to the use of plastic products in the life of the coating machine, there are many products also need to use vacuum coating machine. Because it has so many advantages, vacuum coating equipment is now a lot of manufacturers can not be missing, the lack of coating equipment, many manufacturers produce products may be no one interested.