What advantage does glasses plating film have?

- May 18, 2019-

What advantage does glasses plating film have?


There are two main types of optical coating:


One is anti-reflection film, that is, by coating the front surface of the lens with multiple layers of transparent materials with different refractive index and different thickness, the principle of light interference is used to reduce the excess reflected light on the surface of the lens. Adding an anti-reflective film to the lens increases the transparency of light, reducing glare and making the wearer feel more real and bright.


Another is to add a hard film, mainly used for resin lenses. It is generally added to the front surface of the lens to enhance the anti-wear ability of the resin lens and at the same time enhance the light permeability. When cleaning and adding dural lenses, users should first clean the front and rear surfaces of the lenses with water, and then dry them with a clean soft cloth. Please be careful not to wipe the lenses when they are dry.


If the ordinary lens can see clearly, there is no need to add film, if you want to add, resin lenses can add anti-reflection film, can also add hard film, glass lenses generally only add anti-reflection film.About 5 percent of the light that passes through different materials, such as air, is reflected off. In an optical scope, there are many lenses and refractors.Modern optical lenses are usually coated with a single or multiple coating of magnesium fluoride. A single coating reduces the reflection to 1.5% and a multilayer coating reduces the reflection to 0.25%. Therefore, if the whole scope is properly coated, the light penetration rate can reach 95%.Lenses coated with a single layer of opaque film are usually blue-purple or red, while lenses coated with multiple layers of opaque film are pale green or dark purple.

Coating is commonly used in cameras, telescopes, microscope eyepiece, objective lens, prism surface, to increase the illumination of the image.


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