What about the high temperature of the vacuum pump?

- Jan 03, 2019-

What about the high temperature of the vacuum pump?


How can we do, when the Vacuum pump meet the high temperature in the using process? Some small partners encounter this problem at a loss what to do, can only turn to the manufacturers. Today IKS PVD share with you a solution, after the emergence of high temperature you can calmly face. Contact with us now, iks.pvd@foxmail.com, to get more information about the PVD vacuum coating machine.


One, vacuum pump high temperature reasons and solutions


Fan speed is low, wind pressure, air volume is small. Motor power, working current, heat output is large. The number of fan blades is small and the amount of air generated is small. The bus voltage of the vacuum pump motor is 380V. Due to the uneven cable voltage drop and load distribution, the actual added voltage of the motor is only 365V, and the low voltage causes a large operating current. Motor with dust, oil, reduce heat dissipation capacity.


Solution: motor power, speed and vacuum pump matching, can not be changed. The fan is installed on the motor spindle. The motor speed determines the fan speed and cannot be replaced. Although increasing the number of fan blades can play a certain role, after increasing the number of blades, dynamic balance is not easy to find. If the alignment is not good, motor vibration will increase. Extend the original fan cover by 40cm, and install an axial flow fan with the same diameter as the fan cover inside. The motor power of the axial flow fan is 850W, the speed is 1489r/min, and the voltage is 380V. Keep the original fan. Axial flow fan set up a power supply control, axial flow fan and the main motor is not set up chain. After the vacuum pump is started, the axial flow fan shall be started in time for operation. After the vacuum pump is shut down, the axial flow fan shall be shut down for 30min to allow the main motor to be fully cooled. Regularly remove dust on the motor, keep the radiator of the motor clean, increase its heat dissipation capacity; Adjust the bus voltage of the vacuum pump to 400V.


Two, the vacuum pump anti - return oil device principle


In order to prevent the vacuum pump oil from returning to the pumped container when the pump is stopped, the built-in stop pump anti-return oil device is very important.


Vacuum pump anti-return oil valve principle: reliable inlet anti-return oil device, double protection, no return oil, ensure the safety of the vacuum system.


Protection 1: when the pump stops, the isolation valve closes the vacuum system;

Protection 2: when the pump stops, close the oil circuit and inflate the pump chamber.


During the operation of the vacuum pump, the control piston is pressed against the spring to keep the seal under the action of oil pressure. The disc of the anti-backdraft valve is kept at a low position due to weight (valve open). After the pump stops, the oil pressure drops, and the spring will control the piston upward. This creates a path between the tank and the piston of the anti-suction valve. The above is the introduction of vacuum pump anti-return oil valve principle, compared with the spring to control the anti-return valve vacuum pump, anti-return oil effect is better, the failure rate is lower, maintenance is more simple.