Welding Requirements For The Maintenance Of Vacuum Coating Equipment

- Mar 10, 2018-

When the vacuum coating equipment is maintained, there are several requirements for the weld. So we should pay attention when designing and welding:

1. When designing the weld structure, the joints must be welded thoroughly, and it is necessary to avoid creating harmful space of collecting dirt.

2. The weld should be welded at one time so as to avoid the appearance of dead space in the two times welding and the failure to leak.

3. When weld strength needs two sides welding, the internal weld should be leak-proof. In order to be able to carry out the leak detection, the drill-hole plug should be set in the external welding.

4.  Internal welds should not be continuous if structural welding is required in the container, in order to allow the gas from any grooves to be released easily, and the structural weld should not be intersected with the sealing weld.

5. The welding assembly should be designed so that the maximum number of welds can be tested separately during the manufacturing stage, and can be corrected before the final assembly is carried out.

6. Maximum allowable leakage rate for welding seal (to air), the length of the weld is about 10-7Pa • m3 (s. m).

If the leakage rate is relatively high, the weld should be worn away until the parent material is exposed and then re-welded. Don’t weld twice in the place where the leak originally occurred, because welding not only is not easy to block the leak, but it is easy to produce stress so that the weld seam will produce new cracks.

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