Vacuum pump market and application field

- Apr 07, 2021-

Vacuum pump market and application field

· Market Overview

The vacuum pump market is changing dynamically according to the needs of users. The main drivers of market growth are the rapid development of the semiconductor industry and the expanding applications of dry and molecular pumps. Currently, the global vacuum pump market is about $2 billion in annual sales, growing at about 7% a year.
There are many vacuum pump manufacturers in China, and the annual sales of all vacuum pumps are about 150 million yuan (in 2015), which is only equivalent to the annual sales of a vacuum pump of Kinney Company in the United States. Through the analysis of the global vacuum pump market, we can see that all kinds of vacuum pump markets and applications are constantly changing and developing.
China's vacuum pump manufacturing industry has a long history and strong foundation, domestic real pump has been applied in various fields and has been verified, some pumps also exported abroad, foreign users recognized and received praise, it should be said that China's vacuum pump manufacturing industry in the domestic and foreign markets still has a huge space for development.


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