Vacuum Pump Can Be Applied In What Areas

- Nov 08, 2017-

Some industries, especially in metallurgy chemical industry food electronics, the use of vacuum environment and vacuum vessel are needed in related fields, in order to achieve a completely sterile operation, also can be used in a vacuum environment, more work. For example, high temperature heat treatment, such as aseptic treatment, etc.

So what areas can vacuum pumps be used in?

First of all, it can be used in the field of metallurgy and chemical engineering.

The field of metallurgy and chemical industry needs to create a vacuum environment, so in the creation of a vacuum environment is because of this field, the air quality is relatively low, may contain more air, water vapor, solid particles with relatively more, how to use the vacuum pump and use in these environments, is worthy of our attention and research the contents of.

Secondly, it can be used in the field of food industry and medicinal materials industry.

China's food and drug needs absolute vacuum treatment, in order to achieve aseptic sterilization and drying treatment. In this process it requires the use of vacuum pump, it can realize drying, processing aseptic processing, can also create a more favorable atmosphere, the food and drug can be preserved for a relatively long time, so it has been widely recognized in these areas.

It can be used in electron tubes and picture tubes.

At present, our country already has very strong electronic science and technology ability and technology. So for these electronic products production and processing, but also need to use the vacuum pump, tube tube use can achieve better, most applications in Electronic Science and technology in China, and many areas of work are closely related, so it can be through the use of vacuum pump to create a vacuum environment.