Vacuum coating technology started

- Mar 30, 2020-

Vacuum coating technology started not long ago, in the 1960s, the international CVD(chemical vapor deposition) technology was applied to carbide tools. Because the technology needs to be carried out at high temperature (the process temperature is higher than 1000 C), the coating type is single and has great limitations, so the early development of the technology is not satisfactory.


Began in the late 1970 s, PVD (physical vapor deposition) technique, for vacuum coating started a new world, full of bright prospects, in as little as 20 or 30 years after PVD coating technology rapid development, investigate its reason, because of its film in vacuum sealed cavity, almost no pollution, environmentally friendly; Because its can get the surface of brightness, showily, go up in color, mature have 7 colour, silver, transparent color, golden yellow, black, gray black, rose aureate, bronze, blue wait for a variety of color, it is colorful, can satisfy all sorts of adornment sex need; And because of PVD technology, it is easy to obtain ceramic coating and composite coating with high hardness and high wear resistance which are difficult to obtain by other methods. In addition, PVD coating technology has two characteristics of low temperature and high energy, and can form films on almost any substrate. Therefore, the application range is very wide, and its rapid development is not surprising. With the development of vacuum coating technology, new technologies such as PCVD(physical-chemical vapor deposition) and mt-cvd (medium-temperature chemical vapor deposition) have emerged, and various coating equipment and coating processes have emerged in an endless succession. Now in this field, a hundred flowers are blooming and a hundred schools of thought contend.


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