Vacuum Coating Technology Has Become The Development Trend Of Electroplating Industry

- Mar 02, 2018-

With the demand of market diversification, it is necessary for many enterprises to purchase different machine equipment according to the process of their products. Taking the vacuum coating industry as an example, if a machine can complete the process from coating pretreatment to coating after treatment, and there is no need for manual intervention or transformation process, it is undoubtedly the best choice for enterprises. In the single equipment to achieve the integration of multi-functional coating equipment industry has become the common needs of enterprises.

The continuous innovation and development of science and technology has become the development trend of many industries, and the vacuum coating equipment industry is more so. With the development of vacuum technology, the high cost performance of vacuum coating and the pollution of the environment caused by the traditional electroplating have made the vacuum coating become the mainstream. In recent decades, China's vacuum coating equipment has developed rapidly due to the large demand of enterprises. With the advancement of science and technology and economy, the vacuum coating equipment of various types of coating process is increasing, and its function is becoming more and more perfect.

Vacuum coating equipment widely used in industrial production, whether it's small or large products, metal products and plastic products, or ceramics, chips, circuit boards, glass and other products, basically all the need for surface treatment products require the use of coating equipment . In the coating method, evaporation, magnetron sputtering or ion plating is commonly used, and in the control technology, more advanced computer technology and microelectronic technology are applied, which make the vacuum coating equipment more efficient and intelligent automation.

New vacuum coating machine involves new technology, new products and new process, with high products value, good market potential and large profit margin. It will gradually replace the traditional electroplating industry and become the mainstream of surface treatment technology, which will bring significant economic and social benefits for enterprises and society.

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