Vacuum coating method and materials

- May 31, 2020-

1. Vacuum coating method and materials:
(1) vacuum evaporation: clean the substrate to be coated and put it in the coating room. After being evacuated, heat the membrane material to a high temperature to make the vapor reach about 13.3pa and make the vapor molecules fly to the surface of the substrate and condense to form a film.
(2) cathode sputtering: put need coating substrate opposite the cathode, access to the inert gas such as argon) has to indoor, to keep the pressure is about 1.33 ~ 13.3 Pa, the cathode can then be connected to 2000 v dc power supply, and stimulate the glow discharge, positively charged argon ion collision cathode, make its injection atomic, sputtering out of atoms by membrane is formed on the inert atmosphere to the substrate.
(3) chemical vapor deposition: the process of depositing thin films by thermal decomposition of selected metal compounds or organic compounds.
(4) ion plating: in essence, ion plating is an organic combination of vacuum evaporation and cathode sputtering, and has the technological characteristics of both.


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