Vacuum Coating Machine Switch Machine Precautions

- Jul 07, 2018-

1. Know very well the “Safety Operation Procedure for Vacuum Coating Machine”.


2. Check whether the water, electricity and gas are normal before starting the machine. (The cooling water pressure can generally be above 0.2 MPa, the gas is above 0.4 Mpa, and the voltage is between 370 and 390 V).


3. Start-up procedure: Start the pneumatic mechanical pump, and start the fore-stage valve after about 30s, then turn on the composite vacuum gauge, and start the diffusion pump when the backing pump is pumped below 10Pa and stabilized (it is necessary to check whether the following electric furnace wire is heated).


4. Shutdown procedure: turn off the meter, turn off the high valve, cut off the heater power, use the backing pump to pump the front stage to the room temperature naturally, close the front pipeline valve, then turn off the mechanical pump, turn off the cooling water, power off, gas off.