Vacuum Coating Equipment Coated Knife What Good Performance

- Nov 08, 2017-

With the cutting speed higher and higher, the quality and performance requirements of customers are getting higher and higher. The post-processing technology of vacuum coating equipment has been widely concerned. Through this post-processing, the coating tool life can be increased by about 20%~100% on the basis of the ordinary coated tool life. Let's take a look at the good performance of the treated tool.

1. The use of vacuum coating machine coated tools, parts machined surface quality is better.

2. The friction coefficient between the coating material and the processed material is smaller, so the cutting force of the coating machine is smaller than that of the uncoated tool.

3. The coating tool has good comprehensive performance, and the coated carbide blade has good versatility. The blade with coated carbide grade has wider application range.

4. The surface coating material of air coating machine has high wear resistance and hardness, and it is resistant to high temperature. Compared with uncoated tools, coated tools allow higher cutting speeds, improve cutting efficiency, and increase tool life at the same cutting speed.

The user requirements of the tool durability, performance, and vacuum coating equipment, coating tools to solve the contradiction between the tool strength and toughness, improve the cutting speed of the tool and durability, greatly enhance the performance of cutting tools.