Vacuum coating diffusion pump electromagnetic heater instead of electric furnace plate can save how much electricity?

- Jan 17, 2019-

Vacuum coating diffusion pump electromagnetic heater instead of electric furnace plate can save how much electricity?


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Vacuum coated diffusion pump electromagnetic heaters can be used in bulk since 2011, and the power savings they can bring to users will certainly surprise you. Those who are already using it have saved a lot in the past few years, and those who are still hesitating have spent a lot more.


First,Let's take a look at the diffusion pump electromagnetic heaters why will save electricity?


Electromagnetic heating is a way of heating the body itself by converting electrical energy into magnetic energy.Electromagnetic wire disk directly ACTS on the bottom of the pump through induction to generate a magnetic field, so that the pump generates heat itself. The electromagnetic furnace plate does not generate heat, the thermal conversion efficiency reaches more than 98%, the temperature control is accurate, PID can automatically adjust the power.


1. Advantages of diffusion pump electromagnetic heating over resistance wire heating:

(1) high efficiency and energy saving, saving more than 30% electricity than resistance wire heating.

(2) fast heating speed and even heating.

(3) stable operation and accurate temperature control

(4) easy operation and long service life


2. According to the user test: a diffusion pump with a diameter of 820mm preheating time of 15kw resistance wire is about 60 minutes, the normal production power consumption is about 15 KWH per hour.The energy saving device is only 8 KWH per hour.Save at least 30% of electricity.The temperature can be adjusted at will.


Second, Let's figure out how much money can we save by using a diffusion pump instead of an electromagnetic heater?


Take the pump with a diameter of 820mm for example :(resistance wire power consumption 15 KW/ h - electromagnetic heater power consumption 8 KW/ h) *10 hours/day *30 days/month =2100KWH .

The annual energy saving is: 2100 KWH/month *12 months/year =25200 KWH

With the industrial electricity price of 1 RMB per hour, a diffusion pump with a diameter of 820 can save 25,200 RMB a year, and then deduct the cost of diffusion pump electromagnetic heater equipment of 6,000 RMB, leaving 19,200 RMB.

Diffuser pump electromagnetic heating equipment is only the first year of investment, if a production line has 10 diffuser pumps, that year's energy saving will reach 250,000, is very substantial.

Diffusion pump electromagnetic heater service life of at least 5 years, almost no maintenance costs.