The Requirement Of Vacuum Coating Equipment For Environment

- May 16, 2018-

Because the equipment needs to work in vacuum, it is necessary to meet the requirements of vacuum equipment for environment. The industry standards for all types of vacuum coating equipment developed in China have clearly defined the environmental requirements. Only by meeting the requirements of the equipment to the environment can the normal operation of the equipment be achieved, and the correct coating process can be used to produce qualified coated products.

The requirements of the vacuum to the environment generally include the requirements of the vacuum equipment for the temperature of the laboratory (or the workshop), the surrounding environment in the air, and the requirements for the surface of the parts in the vacuum state or the vacuum. The quality of the surrounding environment has a direct impact on the normal use of vacuum equipment. And whether the vacuum chamber of vacuum equipment or the parts in it are cleaned will directly affect the performance of the equipment. If there is a lot of water vapor and dust in the air, it is difficult to reach the desired vacuum by using a mechanical oil pump to pump air without cleaning the vacuum chamber. It is well known that oil-sealed mechanical pumps are not suitable for the removal of gases that are corrosive to metals, chemically react to vacuum oil, and contain particulate dust. The water vapor is a condensable gas. When the pump extracts a large amount of condensable gas, the pollution of the pump oil will be more serious. As a result, the ultimate vacuum of the pump will drop, and the pumping performance of the pump will be destroyed.

Dust in the industrial environment is distinguished by powder, smoke, and dust. The powder is a collection of powder or solid particles or a substance in a dispersed state. And the powder refers to a collection of tiny solid particles, and the particles refer to tiny substances that can be counted. The smoke body is a substance system in which solid or liquid fine particles are present in a gas in a floating state. Regardless of whether the substance is a solid or a liquid, any particle can be collectively referred to as a dust particle. The standard of air cleanliness is determined by the size of the dust particle diameter so as to formulate a clean room level. It is not only suitable for industrial department with clean requirements, but also for the requirements of vacuum on clean environments.

In addition, the vacuum plating equipment laboratory or workshop should be kept clean and hygienic. The ground is a terrazzo or a painted ground. In order to prevent the pollution of the gas from the mechanical pump when the gas is discharged to the laboratory environment, the exhaust pipe can be installed on the exhaust port of the pump, and the gas is discharged out of the outdoor.