The requiems of the vacuum pump system for environment

- May 21, 2018-

The use and maintenance of the vacuum pump system is very important and must not be sloppy. The working environment of the vacuum system is room temperature 10~30°C, relative humidity is less than or equal to 65%, cooling water inlet temperature cannot exceed 25°C, and the power supply voltage allowable fluctuation range ±10%. Moreover, reasonable operating rules should be worked out according to the actual situation of the vacuum system.

For the first time, all parts and components must be scrubbed and baked. It is necessary to check whether the power line is normal and the power supply voltage meets the requirements. Inspection whether the components such as mechanical pumps, diffusion pumps and valves are normal. When used for the first time, it may be due to long-term storage. The surface of the components and the pump oil in the vacuum system absorb a lot of water vapor and various gases. Therefore, it is very likely that the vacuum degree will not reach the required vacuum.

If this is the case, we can repeat the gas and vacuum two or three times to fully degas the components and the pump oil. If the degree of vacuum still fails to meet the requirement during the third pumping, it shows that the system may be leaking, and a professional vacuum system leak detection company should be required to perform a comprehensive inspection of the equipment so that the equipment can operate normally in a short time.