The process of hand paint spraying

- Mar 23, 2019-

The process of hand paint spraying


Oil Paint, as a decorative material with a long history, has been favored by artists and designers since ancient times. Before spray painting, most people painted. In the 18th century, hand-operated hydraulic spraying was invented, but it was mostly used in heavy industries such as railways or buildings. It was not until 1949 that Edward Seymour developed a spraying process for aerosol paint, which was transmitted through the compressed aerosol paint in the tank, that spraying came into public view.


Now, spray technology has developed very mature, there are spray paint, spray powder, thermal spraying and so on, they are applied in different fields of technology. And as the simplest spray paint process, even without specific instructions, we will have an accurate definition of the heart and process flow, basically get spray paint equipment can start. Spray paint has also been developed for various purposes, such as graffiti and interior and exterior decoration.


But as surface treatment, spray paint nature has its unique place, this period first leads everybody to pass the spray paint craft simply, then talks about the quality of spray paint and the matters needing attention in detail. I hope it can help you who are studying industrial design.


paint spraying


Introduction and process


Simply put, spray painting is a physical process in which liquid materials (such as paint) are sprayed on the surface of the target material, and when they are dried, they can be protected, beautified or enhanced.


As there are some differences in the painting process of different industries, for example, the automobile industry has higher requirements on the painting process, while the graffiti painting can achieve the desired effect as long as the pressure, distance and spray speed are paid attention to. Therefore, the specific process methods of various industries are not listed here. If you are interested, you can inquire and understand according to the actual situation.


Here to show you the general high-pressure gas painting process diagram and the general situation of painting operation.


Stage 1: clean the surface, clean or polish the surface of the product.

Stage 2: apply primer, finish and varnish as required. General spray paint equipment can adjust the pressure, spraying distance, spraying speed, etc., according to the demand to adjust spraying. It is worth noting that in general, it is necessary to wait for the primer to dry before spraying topcoat, otherwise paint disease will occur. But there is also a process does not require a completely dry spray layer, such as Mazda soul red is in the paint + topcoat + varnish, the middle is not dry, spray dry together.

The third stage: drying general UV or PU curing special paint natural drying.


TIPS for designers



1. Spray painting is widely used, including prototype production, surface maintenance, small batch manual production. It also has an indispensable position in the consumer electronics industry, automobile industry, aerospace and navigation industry.

2. The cost of spray painting is not necessarily low, but the cost control is quite flexible. In the market, the spray paint used for individual bicycle spraying generally does not exceed 10 yuan per can, and sometimes the cost will be lower after industrial production; Adding other solvents for special effects raises costs.

3. The quality of the painted surface depends on the skill and experience of the operator. The best paint thickness is usually between 5 and 100 microns. The coating may be matt, semi matt, glossy, satin, eggshell or rough. If the purpose of the paint coating is to prevent corrosion, the surface effect may not be considered.

4. Paint color is almost unlimited, color by color masterbatch, color masterbatch is generally colored solid particles of materials, through metal powder, pearl powder, metal sense or dazzle effect. Special color master can achieve temperature or light effect.

5. Spray painting can achieve decorative effects through different processes. For example, the use of different colors for coating can produce shading and mottling effects; Marbling is achieved by dragging a tool over a wet finish.

6. The timing of painting depends on product size, complexity, number of parts and drying time, and is usually relatively rapid. Small consumer electronics products can be finished in less than two hours, compared with the amount of time they would take if they were sprayed automatically. In addition to spraying time, drying time is also to be considered, water-soluble varnish drying in about 2 to 4 hours, solvent coating about 4 to 6 hours, but the product surface coating fully hardened at least 12 hours.

7. Spray paint on the environment is not small, you can refer to the family decoration brush paint on the body and the impact of the environment. Because spray paint is to tell paint to press tiny droplet shape, bigger than brush paint to the effect of respiratory tract.


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