The Principle comparison of Electron beam processing and ion beam processing technology

- Dec 09, 2019-

The Principle comparison of Electron beam processing and ion beam processing technology


Electron beam processing is under the condition of vacuum, using high energy density of electron beam, after focusing on high speed impact to the minimal surface area, in a very short time (within a fraction of microseconds), most of its energy into heat energy, cause the impact of the workpiece material reached more than a few thousand degrees Celsius temperature, thus cause the partial melting and vaporization of materials, by the vacuum system. Different processing purposes can be achieved by controlling the energy density of the electron beam and the energy injection time. Electron beam heat treatment can be carried out if the material is heated locally. Electron beam welding can be carried out by partially melting the material. By increasing the energy density of the electron beam, the material is melted and gasified, so that it can be punched, cut and processed. Electron beam lithography can be used to produce chemical changes when electron beam with low energy density is used to bombor polymer photosensitive materials.


Ion beam processing is similar to electron beam processing in that the ion beam generated by the ion source is accelerated to focus under vacuum conditions, causing it to hit the surface of the workpiece. Different is positively charged ions, and its quality thousands, tens of thousands times larger than electronics, such as the quality of argon ion is 72000 times that of the electron, so once ion accelerated to high speed, ion beam electron beam has a larger impact kinetic energy, it is to rely on the micro mechanical impact energy, rather than processed by kinetic energy into heat energy. The physical basis of ion beam processing is the impact effect, sputtering effect and injection effect when ion beam hits the material surface. When ions with a certain kinetic energy slanted to the surface of the workpiece, the atoms on the surface could be knocked out. If the workpiece is directly used as the target of ion bombardment, the surface of the workpiece will be etched with ions. If the workpiece is placed near the target material, the target material atoms will sputter onto the surface of the workpiece and be deposited and adsorbed by sputtering, so that the surface of the workpiece is coated with a coating of target material atoms. If the ion energy is large enough to hit the surface of the workpiece vertically, the ions will drill into the surface of the workpiece, which is the ion implantation effect.


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