The Effect of the Vacuum Coating Technology on People’s Life

- May 16, 2018-

Vacuum coating technology is a new technology developed in recent years. Its principle is that the metal solid is heated and gasified in a high vacuum state, and then deposited in the form of molecules or atoms on the surface of the substrate, thereby forming a thin metal film on the surface of the substrate. Since the metal is uniformly distributed in the coating chamber after vaporization, the metal film formed on the surface of the substrates is usually uniform.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for the decoration of goods are getting higher and higher. This poses new challenges for the decoration of various types of goods. Traditionally, the surface metallization of non-metallic objects or the surface decoration of metal objects is usually electroplated. However, due to the high toxicity and serious pollution of traditional electroplating, this technology has gradually been eliminated by the society as the environmental protection consciousness is gradually strengthened.

Compared with the traditional electroplating technique, the vacuum coating technology has the advantages of good decorative effect, strong metallic feeling, low cost, small pollution, and easy operation. Especially in the application of non-metallic objects, it has the advantage that traditional plating cannot compare with. Therefore, vacuum coating has been widely applied to surface metallization of various non-metal products.

Vacuum coating technology is the most widely used in plastic products. Plastic products are restricted their application because of its not beautiful, easy ageing, poor mechanical properties, poor heat resistance and high water absorption. Through vacuum coating technology, the surface of plastics is metallized, and organic and inorganic materials are combined to improve their physical and chemical properties. Its main advantages are:

1. Easy to clean and not dust collection.

2. Make the plastic surface electrical conductivity.

3. Improved the appearance, smooth surface, metallic luster color and greatly improved decorativeness.

4. Reduce the water absorption rate, the more the coating times, the fewer the pinholes, the lower the water absorption rate, and the products will not be easily deformed and the heat resistance will be improved.

5. Improve the surface hardness. The original plastic surface is softer than metal and easily damaged. Through vacuum coating, hardness and wear resistance are greatly increased.

6.  Improve weatherability, the general plastics quickly aging in the outdoors, the main reason is due to ultraviolet radiation, and after aluminum plating, aluminum reflects the strongest UV, so greatly improved weather resistance.