The difference of principle between vacuum coating and optical coating

- May 30, 2020-

The difference of principle between vacuum coating and optical coating

1, vacuum coating is an important aspect of the vacuum application field, it is based on vacuum technology, the use of physical or chemical methods, and absorption of electron beam, molecular beam, ion beam, plasma beam, radio frequency and magnetron and a series of new technologies, for scientific research and actual production to provide a new process of film preparation. In simple terms, the evaporation or sputtering of a metal, alloy, or compound in a vacuum to solidify and deposit it on a coated object (called a substrate, substrate, or matrix).

2. Optical interference is widely used in thin film optics. The common method of optical thin film technology is to coating the thin film on the glass substrate by vacuum sputtering, which is generally used to control the reflectivity and transmittance of the substrate to the incident beam, so as to meet different needs. In order to eliminate the reflection loss on the surface of optical parts and improve the image quality, a layer or multiple layers of transparent medium film is coated, which is called anti-reflection film or anti-reflection film.
With the development of laser technology, there are different requirements on the reflectivity and transmittance of the film layer, which promote the development of multilayer high reflection film and wideband anti-reflection film. For various applications, polarizable reflective film, color splitter film, cold film and interference filter are manufactured with high reflection film. After coating the surface of optical parts, the light is reflected and transmitted on the film layers for many times, forming multi-beam interference. The refractive index and thickness of the film layer are controlled, and different intensity distributions can be obtained. This is the basic principle of interference coating.


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