The characteristics comparison of Electron beam processing and ion beam processing technology

- Dec 10, 2019-

The characteristics comparison of Electron beam processing and ion beam processing technology


Features of electron beam processing:

(1) Because the electron beam can be focused extremely fine, even can be focused to 0.1 m, so the processing area and slit can be very small, is a precise and micro processing method.

(2) Electron beam energy density is very high, so that the temperature of the irradiation part exceeds the melting and gasification temperature of the material. The workpiece is free from mechanical force, and does not produce macroscopic stress and deformation. Processing materials a wide range of brittle, toughness, conductor, non - conductor and semiconductor materials can be processed.

(3) The high energy density of the electron beam results in high processing efficiency. For example, 50 0.4mm diameter holes can be drilled every second in a 2.5mm thick steel plate.

(4) The intensity, position and focus of the electron beam can be directly controlled by magnetic field or electron, so the whole process is convenient to be automated first. Especially in electron beam exposure, from the location of the processing to the scanning of the processing graphics. Can be automated. During electron beam drilling and cutting, special shaped holes can be processed by electrical control to achieve curved cutting.

(5) Because electron beam processing is carried out in vacuum, so less pollution, processing surface will not oxidize, especially suitable for processing easily oxidized metal and alloy materials, semiconductor materials with high purity requirements.

(6) Electron beam processing needs a complete set of special equipment and vacuum system, the price is more expensive, the production application has certain limitations.


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