The Basic Principle Of Sputtering Coating For Vacuum Coating Machine

- May 10, 2018-

When high-energy particles bombard the surface of a solid, the atoms and molecules on the surface of the solid exchange energy with these high-energy particles and splash out from the solid surface. This phenomenon is called sputtering. Since the sputtered atoms have a certain amount of energy, they can be re-agglomerated to form a thin film on a solid surface, which is called sputtering film deposition or vacuum sputtering coating.

Sputtering coating can be used as sputtering target for various metals, semiconductors, insulators, mixtures, compounds and other materials. It is not only can the thin film and homogeneous alloy film and complex superconducting thin films similar to the target materials are prepared. It is also be used to prepare compound films that are completely different from the target, such as oxides, helide and silicides, and have a wide range of uses. In addition, the sputter coating also has the characteristics of good adhesion between the film layer and the substrate, high density of the film layer, less pinholes, high purity, controllability of the film thickness, and good repeatability.

There are two ways to form high-energy particles: One is the plasma generated by the cathode glow discharge, called the built-in ion source; the other is the high energy ion beam is extracted from a separate ion source and bombard the target placed in a high vacuum to generate sputtering and thin film deposition. It is called ion beam deposition, also called ion beam sputtering. It needs external Kauffman ion source.

In the sputter coating, the sputter coating is formed by vacuum glow discharge, accelerating the positive ions to bombard the surface of the target, causing particles sputtered on the surface of the target to deposit on the substrate to form a thin film.

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