The application comparison of Electron beam processing and ion beam processing technology

- Dec 12, 2019-

The application comparison of Electron beam processing and ion beam processing technology

In general, electron beam machining has higher processing efficiency and wider application range. Ion beam processing is more accurate processing, is all the special processing of the most precise, the most subtle processing.


Depending on its power density and energy injection time, electron beam processing can be used for various types of machining such as punching, cutting, etching, welding, heat treatment and photolithography.


The application scope of ion beam processing is expanding and innovating. At present, ion beam processing is used to change the size of parts and physical and mechanical properties of the surface. Used for coating the surface of the workpiece ion coating processing; Used for surface modification of ion implantation processing.


Electron beam and ion beam processing equipment have vacuum system, control system and power supply. The main difference is that electron beam processing USES an electron gun and ion beam processing USES an ion source system. Compared with ion beam processing, electron beam processing is more efficient and widely used. Ion beam machining is the most precise and micro machining method among all the special machining methods.

In recent years, with the rapid development of nanotechnology and semiconductor integrated circuit industry, electron beam processing and focused ion beam processing technology with multi-function and high resolution have received unprecedented attention, and they have become an important means of current micron nanometer processing.


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