The action process of ion plating

- Apr 05, 2020-

The action process of ion plating is as follows: the evaporation source connects the anode, the workpiece connects the cathode, when connected with three to five thousand volt high voltage dc, the evaporation source and the workpiece produce a glow discharge. Due to the inert argon gas in the vacuum cover, part of the argon gas is ionized under the action of discharge electric field, thus forming a plasma dark area around the cathode workpiece. Attracted by the negative cathode high pressure, the positively charged argon ion bombards the surface of the workpiece fiercely, causing the surface particles and dirt of the workpiece to be splashed out, so that the surface of the workpiece to be plated is fully cleaned by ion bombardment. Subsequently, the ac power supply of evaporation source is switched on, and the particles of evaporation material melt and evaporate, enter the glow discharge area and are ionized. The positively charged evaporative material ions, under the cathode attraction, rush to the workpiece together with argon ions. When the evaporative material ions deposited on the surface of the workpiece exceed the number of spillage ions, they gradually accumulate to form a layer of coating firmly adhered to the surface of the workpiece. This is the simple process of ion plating.


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