Technical requirements for welding vacuum coating chamber

- Jan 22, 2019-

Technical requirements for welding vacuum coating chamber


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Vacuum coating has high requirements for various production processes, and the vacuum chamber is the core part of its processing. Different functions of vacuum equipment can be realized through the installation of different functional parts.


The characteristics of the vacuum chamber are:


1. Use roundness shape is better, which is conducive to the balance of forces.

2. Use Box shape is preferred, so that the volume utilization rate is higher.

3. Usually made from rolled sheet metal.


Requirements for welding:


The specific requirements for vacuum coating chamber welding are as follows:


1. In order to reduce leakage and air leakage, the total length of the weld shall be as short as possible.

2. The cross weld structure shall be avoided, the height of the weld shall be greater than one third of the shell thickness, and the distance between the center lines of the two welds shall be greater than 100mm.

3. All welds can be conveniently vacuum tested for leakage.

4. Holes should be minimized on the shell. When holes need to be made. The hole in the shell weld shall be largely avoided.

5. To prevent shell deformation. For non - air tight weld can be intermittent welding.