Stainless steel composition process-Magnetizability

- Sep 30, 2020-

Stainless steel composition process-Magnetizability: The entire austenite microstructure is not magnetic. By converting the microstructure of the component to deformed martensite or delta ferrite as described earlier, even steel designated austenite becomes slightly magnetic. For martensite and ferrite, both are magnetizable. By cold working hardening annealing with solution, martensite can be reduced or even reversed. In the microstructural species, the composition of delta ferrite is essentially determined by the ratio of the ferrite forming elements chromium, molybdenum, silicon, and niobium to the austenitic elements nickel, carbon, nitrogen, and manganese. The ferrite content can be reduced by heat treatment, thus reducing the magnetizability. Since stainless steels having the same material name may have different chemical compositions within the limits described, their magnetizability is not quantitative. According to DeLong, the austenite and ferrite contents can be seen by drawing a schematic diagram of the formation of ni equivalent and Cr equivalent elements in austenite.

In Figure 3.3, for some stainless steels, chromium and nickel equivalent regions (colored rectangles) are shown and their average equivalents are given as ICONS.


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