Stainless steel composition process-Heat treatment

- Oct 01, 2020-

Stainless steel composition process-Heat treatment: For austenitic stainless steels, solution annealing temperature is approximately 1,050°C. Because of the risk of chromium carbide formation in the temperature range between 600°C and 800°C, and compared to the damage caused by intercrystalline corrosion, the temperature range between 900°C and 500°C must be rapidly passed. Finished vacuum parts can be annealed in a vacuum environment at temperatures ranging from 950°C to 1,100°C. When hydrogen degassing (low hydrogen annealing) and reduced magnetizability (degaussing annealing) are trapped in the space, surface impurities, especially residual hydrocarbons (purification annealing), can be removed. In addition, any existing chromium carbide dissolves (solid solution annealing), as well as the material stress dissipates as a result of the machining (stress-free annealing). However, heat treatment also reduces mechanically advantageous hardening. The use of metal-sealed flanges, when annealed, may result in a reduction in the hardness of the material not expected in the cutting field. If a metal seal is used and the seal fails, the blade may break. Therefore, we recommend that flange material 1.4429ESR be suitable for annealing treatment. The hardness is so strong that it ensures the blade is tough enough.

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