Stainless steel composition process-ESR (electroslag remelting)

- Sep 27, 2020-

Stainless steel composition process-ESR (electroslag remelting) : The ESR process is used to produce low segregation dense stainless steel with high chemical and structural purity under controlled and repeatable conditions. The main melt block is electroremelted in the ESR furnace. One electrode is on the main block and the other opposite electrode is at the bottom of the water-cooled crucible. The slag is located between the poles and is heated by resistance to the stainless steel melting temperature above. When the metal droplet is in contact with the liquid slag, the non-metallic impurities above can be removed, so that it is continuously released from the bottom of the main block. When passing through the slag, the heavy impurities almost completely disappear. What remains are small impurities, distributed almost evenly over the secondary blocks. Stainless steel purified by ESR process is characterized by extremely high density and homogeneity.

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