Sputtering Target The Main Application

- Nov 08, 2017-

The sputtering target is mainly used in electronic and information industry, such as integrated circuit, liquid crystal display, information storage, laser memory, electronic control devices, etc.; can also be applied to the field of glass coating; can also be used in high temperature resistant materials, corrosion resistance, high grade decoration products and other industries.

According to the classification of the shape can be divided into long target, target, circle target, target profile can be divided into metal targets, alloy target material, ceramic compound target according to different applications and divided into ceramic semiconductor associated target, recording medium, display ceramic target ceramic target, superconducting ceramic target material and giant magnetoresistance ceramic target according to the application domain for the target, target, target, magnetic recording discs of noble metal thin film resistor target, target, target, conductive film surface modification layer mask target, target, target, target, decorative layer electrode package target, the target of magnetron sputtering he principle: according to the composition in sputtering target (cathode) and an orthogonal the magnetic field and electric field and the anode, in high vacuum chamber filled with inert gases needed (usually Ar), the permanent magnet form 250 to 350 Gauss in the magnetic field on the surface of target material The orthogonal electromagnetic field is composed of a high voltage electric field. Under the influence of electric field, Ar gas ionization into ions and electrons, the target with a high negative voltage, and the working gas under the action of magnetic field from the electronic target from the ionization probability increases, the formation of a high density plasma near the cathode, the role of Ar ions in the Lorentz force under the accelerated toward the target surface. At very high speed bombarding target surface, the target was sputtered atoms follow the momentum conversion principle with high kinetic energy from the target surface to substrate deposited film. Magnetron sputtering is generally divided into two types: Branch sputtering and RF sputtering, in which the branch sputtering device is simple in principle and fast in sputtering metal. RF sputtering can be used more widely, in addition to sputtering conductive materials, but also sputtering non conductive materials, but also reactive sputtering to prepare oxides, nitrides and carbides and other compounds. If the RF frequency increases, it will become a microwave plasma sputtering, usually with electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) type microwave plasma sputtering.

Magnetron sputtering coating target:

The metal alloy sputtering target, sputtering target, sputtering ceramic target, boride ceramic sputtering carbide ceramic sputtering fluoride ceramic sputtering nitride ceramic oxide ceramic target sputtering, selenide ceramic sputtering ceramic silicide sputtering sulfide ceramic sputtering telluride ceramic sputtering other ceramic target, chromium doped silicon oxide ceramic target (Cr-SiO), indium phosphide (InP), the target of arsenic lead target (PbAs), InAs target (InAs).

High purity and high density sputtering target has:

Sputtering target (purity: 99.9%-99.999%)

1. Metal target:

Target, Ni, nickel titanium target, Ti, Zn, Cr, Zn, Mg, Cr, target Mg, target Nb, target, target niobium tin, Sn, aluminum target and Al target, In, iron and indium target, Fe, target, ZrAl, Zr Al Ti and Al targets, TiAl, zirconium target Zr, AlSi, silicon aluminum silicon target, target Si, target Cu, target T copper, tantalum target, Ge, a, Ge, Ag, cobalt silver target target, Co, Au, Gd, gold target, target Gd, target La, target yttrium, lanthanum, cerium, target, Ce, Y tungsten target, W, stainless steel, nickel chromium target target, target and Hf, NiCr, hafnium molybdenum target and Mo target, FeNi, iron nickel, tungsten target, W metal sputtering target.

2. Ceramic target

ITO and AZO target, Magnesium Oxide, target, target, target of iron oxide silicon nitride, titanium nitride, silicon carbide target target target target, Zinc Oxide chrome, zinc sulfide, silica target, target silicon oxide, cerium oxide target, target two targets and five two zirconia oxide, titanium dioxide, niobium target target two zirconia target two, and hafnium oxide target, target two zirconium boride titanium diboride, tungsten oxide target, target, target five three two aluminum oxide oxidation of two tantalum oxide five, two niobium target, target, target yttrium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, zinc selenide target aluminum nitride target, silicon nitride target, boron nitride titanium nitride silicon carbide target, target, target. Target, target, lithium niobate titanate praseodymium barium titanate target, lanthanum titanate and nickel oxide ceramic target sputtering target.

3. Alloy target

Ni Cr alloy target, nickel vanadium alloy target and aluminum silicon alloy target and nickel copper alloy target, titanium Aluminum Alloy, nickel vanadium alloy target and boron alloy target, ferrosilicon alloy target high purity alloy sputtering target.