Sputtering coating process is widely used in many fields

- Aug 16, 2020-

Sputtering coating process is widely used in many fields

application fields

metal material

main application

performance requirement

semiconductor chip

Ultra high purity aluminum, titanium, copper, tantalum, etc

Prepare the key raw materials of integrated circuit

The highest technical requirements, ultra-high purity metal, high precision size, high integration

Flat Panel Display

High purity aluminum, copper, molybdenum, etc., mixed with tin indium oxide(ITO)

High-definition TELEVISIONS, laptops, etc

High technical requirements, high purity material, material area, high degree of uniformity

solar cell

High purity aluminum, copper, molybdenum, chromium, etc,ITO

thin-film solar cells

High technical requirement and wide application range

 information storage

Chromium base, cobalt base alloy, etc

Cd-rom, CD, etc

High storage density, high transmission speed

Tool modification

Pure metal chromium, chromium aluminum alloy, etc

Surface hardening of tools, molds, etc

High performance requirements and long service life

electron device

Nickel-chromium alloy, chrome-silicon alloy, etc

Film resistance, film capacitance

Small size, good stability and low resistance temperature coefficient of electronic devices are required

other fields

Pure chromium, titanium, nickel,etc.

Decorative plating film, glass plating

General technical requirements, mainly used for decoration, energy saving and so on

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