Several power sources in PVD technology- Multi Arc power supply

- Aug 21, 2020-

Several power sources in PVD technology-Multi-Arc power supply

The realization of target evaporation and ionization in the multi-arc ion plating film must rely on the energy provided by the arc power. In the actual coating process, the power should be able to automatically detect the phenomenon of arc extinguishing and start arc automatically, so as to ensure the continuity of the coating process and the uniformity of the film layer. In addition, the steady performance of the arc power, especially the minimum steady current, has great influence on the consistency, efficiency and finish of the film. A multi - arc ion plating machine is equipped with a few electric arc power, more than a dozen, or even dozens. Stable and reliable work is crucial to the performance of the whole equipment. Arc power from the traditional power source, through the use of silicon control technology, developed to the present high frequency inverter. Compared with the arc power produced by the traditional electromagnetic and silicon controlled technology, the high-frequency inverter arc power has the following characteristics:
1. Reduced in size, only a fraction of that of the old power supply; The corresponding power supply weight is only a fraction to a tenth of the traditional power supply.
2. The efficiency of power supply has been significantly improved, about 20% ~ 30% higher than that of old-style power supply.
3. Easy to operate, high accuracy of current regulation, good stable current performance, which is conducive to accurate control of film thickness and ensure film thickness repeatability.
4. The high frequency inverter arc power source has small ripple, and its response speed is much higher than that of the old-style power source. Under the same arc source and working conditions, the use of high frequency inverter arc power source is conducive to improving the stability of the arc and reducing the number of arc-extinguishing.


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