PVD technology four process steps

- Apr 06, 2020-

PVD technology four process steps (1) cleaning the workpiece: put on the dc power supply, argon glow discharge as argon ion, argon ion bombardment of the workpiece surface, surface particles and dirty parts of the workpiece were thrown out; (2) the gasification of the plating material: that is, after the introduction of alternating current, the plating material vaporization. (3) migration of plating material ions: after the collision and high-voltage electric field, the atoms, molecules or ions from the gasification source rushed to the workpiece at high speed; (4) plating material atoms, molecules or ions are deposited on the substrate: when the evaporation material ions on the surface of the workpiece exceed the number of spillage ions, they gradually accumulate to form a layer of coating firmly adhered to the surface of the workpiece. After particle ionization of ion plating, the evaporation material has three thousand to the kinetic energy of five thousand electron volts, high-speed bombardment artifacts, not only deposit speed is fast, and able to penetrate the surface, forming a deep into matrix diffusion layer, interface diffusion depth of ion plating would be four to five microns, that is to say, than the ordinary vacuum coating diffusion depth deep dozens of times, even one hundred times, and adhered to each other so fast.


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