PVD forms color bases principle

- Dec 11, 2020-

In fact, for practical production, the most widely used target materials are mainly Ti, Cr, Ni and other cheap and mature target materials with mature manufacturing process, and then nitrogen and acetylene (methane) are injected to form some colors. Therefore, process adjustment is the most convenient way for target color development.
PVD forms color bases
The color of the film formed by grain boundary interactions, or by interactions between free electrons and photons, strongly depends on the chemical composition and grain structure of the film. Studies have shown that: due to the low temperature deposition process of PVD, the formation of
The microstructure of the film layer is highly disordered, and the grain size is nanoscale, forming some microscopic defects such as holes, interstitial atoms, and impurities that lead to its electronic properties. The corresponding optical properties are different from those of the bulk material.
2.3 Color stability of PVD film layer (Taking ZrN as an example)


As can be seen from the above figure, the longer the exposure time of the coated products in the air, the more serious the degree of oxidation of the film layer is, especially for those with a small proportion of metal elements in the film layer.

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