PVD coating glass

- Sep 20, 2018-

Physical Vapor Deposition of Coatings On Glass, used sputtering target material. The application mainly is Low-E Coating glass(low emissivity coated glass. The magnetron sputtering principle is used to sputter multilayer thin films on glass, to achieve energy – saving, lighting, decorative roles. Low-E glass also known as energy-saving glass.Recently, as the demand for energy conservation, emission reduction and improvement of people's quality of life increases, traditional building glass is gradually being replaced by energy-saving glass. Under the market demand drives, at present, almost all large glass deep processing enterprises are rapidly increasing the production line of coated glass. Correspond to this, the demand for coating target material grows rapidly, main varieties of target materials for glass coating are Ag target, Cr target, Ti target, NiCr target, ZnSn target, SiAl target, TixOy target, etc.

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Another application of coated glass is to made automobile rearview mirror, mainly target material are Cr target, Al target, TixOy target,etc. Along with the automobile rearview mirror class request unceasing enhancement, Many enterprises from the original aluminum plating process to vacuum sputtering chromium plating process.

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•Sputtering is the removal of material from a solid target by energetic ion bombardment.

•The ions come from a magnetically confined plasma created above the target surface.

•Sputter deposition is the process of coating a substrate with the material removed from a target by sputtering.