Problems Encountered With Injection Molds And The Role Of PVD Coatings

- Jun 06, 2018-

With the wide application of glass, flame-retardant resins and metal fiber-reinforced engineering plastics, as well as the increase of in plastics batches, the working conditions of plastic molds have become increasingly severe. The cavity surface of the plastic mold has often undergone severe wear and corrosion, which affecting the appearance quality of products and causing mold release difficulties, and greatly shorten the service life of the mold cavity.


Practice shows that the use of surface hardening technology to improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, friction reduction, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance of molds and relative moving parts is an effective way to avoid early failure of molds and improve service life, it can also make up for the lack of mold materials, reduce mold manufacturing costs, and increase productivity to some extent.

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