Principle And Application Scope Of Vacuum Baffle Valve

- Mar 13, 2018-

The vacuum flapper valve is sealed by the valve plate moving up and down through the valve stem. The drive components that drive the stem have three ways of manual, manual and electric, pneumatic and so on. Manual transmission components, mainly threaded structure, flat cam structure can also be used.

The transmission part of the manual dual purpose is composed of the electric actuator, the worm wheel and the worm, and is equipped with a stroke switch. When the power is switched on, the motor is rotated in a certain direction (such as the opening direction), and the valve plate is moved upward by the worm gear and the worm to move the valve plate upward. When the valve plate rises to a certain height, the stroke switch automatically cuts off the power supply and the valve stem motion stops immediately. When manually, release the back cover of the hand wheel and turn the hand wheel by hand in a certain direction. Pneumatic drive parts are powered by compressed dry air, and changes the direction of gas path through the electromagnetic reversing valve to push the cylinder piston up and down movement. The valve stems moves up and down, and the valve plate opens and closes, so as to achieve the purpose of connecting or stopping the air flow.

There are two kinds of vacuum baffle valves: high vacuum flapper valve and ultra high vacuum flapper valve.

1. High vacuum flapper valves are used to connect or cut off air flow in high vacuum systems.

Applicable pressure range: 10~ 1.3×10-4Pa (shaft seal is rubber); 10~ 1.3×10-5Pa (shaft seal is the corrugated pipe structure).

Working temperature:  -25 ~ 80℃ (seal is nitrile rubber); -30 ~ 150℃ (seal is fluorine rubber).

Valve body material: Carbon steel nickelage or stainless steel.

Valve plate sealing material: T-nitrile rubber or fluorine rubber.

2. Ultra-high vacuum flapper valve is used to connect or cut off air flow in ultra high vacuum system.

Applicable pressure range: 105 ~ 1.3×10-8Pa

Valve body material: Stainless steel.

Valve plate material: Oxygen-free copper.

Shaft seal material: stainless steel bellows.

The working media used by these two vacuum flapper valves are clean air or clean gases that are not corrosive to the valve. It is not suitable for long term use in the case of strong corrosivity of metals and gas with particle state dust.

High vacuum flapper valve is characterized by reliable sealing, large flow guide, good safety and manual control/electric control/air control, etc. It has various forms, complete specifications and reasonable structure, the diameter is 150-120mm. So the high vacuum flapper valve is widely used in large and medium-sized high-vacuum systems, such as high vacuum coating equipment, vacuum heat treatment furnace, vacuum brazing, high vacuum electron beam welder, ion beam etching equipment, etc.

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