Precautions for vacuum coating equipment in the use of chemicals

- Jan 29, 2019-

Precautions for vacuum coating equipment in the use of chemicals


In the production of vacuum coating equipment, touch the safety operation and incident preparedness of many questions, the following small series of vacuum coating in the use of chemicals and safety of electricity needs to pay attention to the following analysis, hope to be useful to everyone.


1, inadvertently omission will often cause trouble. For example, the silicon rectifier of chrome-plating process in a factory was neglected and the mouse got into the box and formed a short circuit. During the production, the dc power supply, filter, crane and control cabinet should be protected and inspected on time, and should not be operated with illness.


In the production caused by the electric heater is also a lot of trouble, such as a factory chromium plating tank using titanium electric heat pipe heating, because the plating liquid corrosion form leakage, the operator was knocked down when hanging live, head hit the ground to form concussion. It is forbidden to expose the insulation of electrical equipment and insist on cleaning the production site.


There is a certain gold-plating factory, in the gold-plating groove using quartz glass electric heat pipe heating, when electroplating the heating pipe suddenly burst, fortunately, the operators dodge in time without damage, but the gold liquid splashing on the ceiling and wall has been unable to recover, forming a loss of tens of thousands of RMB. Safe electricity vacuum electroplating workshop production sites are wet, and there are harmful gases, which to the safe operation of electrical equipment formed a negative impact, safe electricity is an important content of the company's safe production.


2. The toxic effect of cyanide is large, such as sodium cyanide. It is assumed that accidental administration of 50 ~ 100mg can cause sudden death. In addition to strict treatment, not careful attack of cyanide poisoning should immediately give first aid, Absorption of isoamyl nitrite, with 0.0002% potassium permanganate or 5% sodium thiosulfate gastric lavage, and then sent to hospital treatment.The state has strict regulations on the production, distribution, storage, transportation, use and disposal of highly toxic chemicals, which must be complied with.


The commonly used drug produced by vacuum electroplating is a compound containing cyanide, arsenic and mercury. When adjusting the plating solution, the data should be thoroughly dissolved, once in the tank, and the packaging harmless treatment (such as ferrous sulfate solution neutralization treatment).


Some companies in the production of negligence, cyanide arbitrary use, in order to increase the benefits will be piled up in the tank side, the operator bare hands, using boiling water dissolved and wear factory clothing into the canteen, etc., this is very risk, is absolutely not allowed.


The application of dramatic drugs follows the implementation of environmental protection and production policy of cleaning, the elaboration of electroplating technology, and the gradual reduction of highly toxic chemicals used in production, but still cannot completely get rid of the application of dramatic drugs. The use of the production should be completed by the security personnel and operators, accurate measurement, the establishment of account registration.


3. In the operation should do a good job of protection, such as not careful to splash the lye on the skin should be immediately with 2% ~ 3% boric acid or acetic acid solution to clean, after air drying coated with medical vaseline or lanolin.Alkali is applied to vacuum electroplating. The solutions used for chemical oil removal and electric oil removal are all alkali solutions. The lye has strong adhesion and corrosion to human skin, and will cause burns.


In the production, the electricity dispels the appearance of the oil tank often accumulates thicker foam and burst phenomenon, should promptly sort out the bubble; In zincate roll galvanizing technology is often burst phenomenon, should be timely relief and finishing cylinder; In steel pieces of oxidation technology, lye theta is 130 ~ 140 , should be in as far as possible after add water, add water pipe or funnel into the slot at the bottom of the slowly to, the day before the bath heating, the appearance of alkali scale should be pounded, avoid hot alkali liquor with splashing burns. If do not take care to splash lye into the eye, should immediately use a lot of water to wash, avoid corneal burns, serious should be sent to the hospital for treatment.


4, the safe use of organic solvents and coatings coatings are usually composed of organic solvents, pigments and base materials. Organic solvents usually have lipid solubility, which can quickly interact with fatty substances to form neurological disorders after entering the body. In order to ensure the health of the operators, the production site should be excellent ventilation, so that the air quality of harmful gas content control in the national designated value of less than 50%.Combustible gas mixed with air according to a certain volume fraction is easy to be used for blasting, such as the explosive limit of gasoline is 1.4% ~ 7.6%, the standard determination of the allowable content of gasoline in the air (that is, the limit value of working touch) is 300mg/m3.Organic solvent is a common reagent in electroplating oil removal and coating process.The organic solvent is easy to volatilize into flammable gas, and flammable gas is easy to cause flashover with fire risk in case of open fire.In the production practice, the use of organic solvents improper cause a fire many incidents, should be strengthened preparedness, at the same time in the production site should be equipped with carbon dioxide and dry powder fire extinguisher.


5, such as manpower to remove must be particularly careful, often in the pour after the acid tank back when the acid is easy to splash, the formation of burns.When acid extraction  better use siphon equipment or special car.These acids are intensely corrosive and, when used, irritant gases.In the manufacture of mixed acid, must first participate in the relative density of small acid, then participate in the relative density of large acid, to avoid the exothermic reaction so that the acid splash.Once the acid adheres to the skin, it should be immediately washed with 3% sodium carbonate solution.The use of acid in vacuum electroplating production acid to be used for etching, commonly used sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid and chromic acid.

In addition, the electrophoresis, aluminum hard oxidation and micro-arc oxidation and other vacuum electroplating equipment with dc high voltage process, do not live during operation, to avoid electric shock incidents.


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