Precautions For Selecting Vacuum Coating Machine

- May 26, 2018-

1. Selection of alarm system

Perfect alarm system can perform sound and light alarm for abnormal conditions such as vacuum chamber body, diffusion pump phase failure, water shortage, air pressure, power supply overvoltage and overcurrent.

2. Working mode of the fixture for vacuum coating equipment

The operation forms of the fixture include rotation, revolution and revolution + rotation. The user can put forward the corresponding requirements according to the size and shape of the substrate. The speed range of rotation and the rotation precision: ordinary adjustable and frequency conversion speed regulation.

3. Selection of roasting instruments

According to the structure to be roasted, the roasting temperature, the material, and the corresponding instrument measurement are required.

4. Selection of chamber material

The furnace body can choose a double-layer water-cooling structure made of stainless steel, carbon steel or their combination.

5. Selection of plating method

According to the process requirements, electroplating methods and forms of resistance evaporation (tungsten wire, molybdenum boat, graphite boat) magnetron source (coaxial cylindrical magnetron source, cylindrical planar magnetron source, rectangular planar magnetron source, etc.) are selected. And multi-arc source material (diameter 60, Ф80 diameter target, pneumatic, arc, etc.) is used for target material and size, and vacuum measurement can use digital smart vacuum gauge and its high quality measuring instrument, other measuring instruments such as automatic pressure controller. Film thickness measurement can use square resistance meter, transmission meter and so on.

6. Selection of vacuum coating equipment inflating mode

The mass flow meter, the float flow meter + the needle valve and the corresponding inflatable valve can be selected for the inflatable mode, and the multi-channel inflatable pipe and the corresponding flow parameters can be selected.

7. Select the type of vacuum coating equipment

According to the process requirements, different specifications and types of coating equipment are selected. The types of coating equipment include resistance evaporation, electron beam evaporation, magnetron sputtering, magnetron reactive sputtering, ion plating, hollow cathode ion plating, multi-arc ion plating, and so on.

8. Select manual or automatic operation

Depending on the characteristics of the equipment used, manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic or combination control methods can be selected.

9. Vacuum system

The vacuum system consists of mechanical pumps, diffusion pumps, oil booster pumps, roots pumps, and turbo molecular pump, as well as all kinds of pneumatic, manual, electric valves and pipes that match them.