Post-treatment and Pre-treatment | The Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaning

- Apr 27, 2018-

1. Good cleaning effect

The cleaning methods used in industrial cleaning are usually manual cleaning, organic solvent cleaning, steam phase cleaning, high pressure water jet cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning is internationally recognized as the most efficient and best cleaning method at present, and its cleaning efficiency has reached over 98%. The traditional manual cleaning and organic solvent cleaning efficiency is only 60% to 70%. No matter how complex the shape of the workpiece is, it can be placed in the cleaning solution, so long as it is able to touch the liquid, the ultrasonic cleaning effect can be achieved. Especially for workpieces with complex shapes and structures, manual and other cleaning methods that cannot be completely cleaned, there is a significant cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning can achieve different effects depending on the different solvent, such as: degreasing, rust removal or phosphating. With the use of cleaning agents, the separation and dissolution of pollutants can be accelerated, and the corrosion of the cleaning fluid to the workpieces can be effectively prevented.

2. Low cleaning cost

In all cleaning methods, the cleaning costs include: equipment costs and consumption costs. The service life of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is about ten years. The cost of equipment acquisition is higher than that of manual cleaning and organic alkaline solvent scrubbing, lower than steam phase cleaning and high pressure water jet cleaning. For the consumption cost, ultrasonic cleaning is not only the best cleaning effect, but also the cleaning cost is far lower than other types of cleaning methods.

3. Avoid labor injury

In the past, complicated mechanical parts requiring long-term manual cleaning were performed through arduous manual labor in a dirty environment. After applying the ultrasonic cleaning machine, not only the working environment is improved, but also the damage caused by manual cleaning on the workpiece is eliminated, and the labor intensity is reduced. Moreover, on the basis of greatly improving the cleaning accuracy, the cleaning time is shortened to 1/4. Ultrasonic cleaning can also effectively reduce pollution and reduce the damage of toxic solvents to human beings.