Plastic surface treatment-printing

- Jan 29, 2020-

Plastic surface treatment-printing


Printing:It is a process of printing required patterns on the surface of plastic parts by means of pad printing, screen printing and transfer printing.

  1. Pad printing: it is an indirect concave rubber head printing technology. First, the designed pattern is etched on the printing plate, then the etched plate is coated with ink. Then, most of the ink is transferred to the printed object through the silicone head.

2. Screen printing: a major printing method in plate printing in which the plate is reticulated and the ink on the plate is squeezed by the scraping board from the plate through the hole to the substrate.
3. Water transfer printing: it is a kind of printing that USES water pressure to hydrolyze the color pattern transfer paper/plastic film for high polymer.
4. Thermal transfer printing: it is a kind of technology that prints the pattern of the ink layer onto the heat-resistant adhesive paper by heating and pressing.

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