Plastic surface treatment-plastic electroplating

- Jan 28, 2020-

Plastic surface treatment-plastic electroplating


Electroplating: a process by which plastic products are treated to obtain the effect of a metal surface. The appearance, electrical and thermal properties and mechanical strength of plastic parts can be improved by electroplating. Similar to PVD, PVD is a physical principle, electroplating is electroless plating, mainly divided into vacuum plating and water plating.

Process flow:
1. Traditional plastic electroplating technology (ABS, ABS/PC)
Oil removal - coarsening - reduction - prepreg - activation - acceleration - chemical nickel - preplating
2. Direct metallization of plastics (ABS,ABS/ pc65%)
Oil removal - coarsening - reduction - prepreg - activation - copper replacement - electroplating
1. Weight loss
2. Cost savings across the board
3. Less processing
4. Simulated metal parts
1. The metal plugins cannot be changed during the forming process
2. Molding parts larger than 200 square inches is much more difficult than casting pull molds
3. Electroplated plastics may catch fire when used in certain types of household
Applications: electronics, automotive, housewares

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