Plastic surface treatment -OMD(Out Mold Decoration)

- Jan 25, 2020-

Plastic surface treatment -OMD(Out Mold Decoration)


OMD(Out Mold Decoration):The technical name "high pressure transfer" is an extension of IMD technology. It is also known as tom-three Dimension Overlay Method technology because it is suitable for the product surface decoration with 3d, deep depth and irregular shape.

Process flow:
Material preparation - material placement into moulding machine - heating and vacuum forming - finished product removal cutting - forming removal and cutting
OMD can be divided into two ways:.

1.OMR(Release Film) : in OMD, the Film can be torn, avoiding the punching process.
1) it can be made into stereoscopic 3D
2). Products with higher 3D surfaces can be covered
3) rich color changes
4). Accurate alignment in the transfer process
5) surface with hardening layer
6). Soft touch
2.OMF (Forming Film) : in OMD, the Film is coated and a back-end punching process is required.
1) cost of forming
2) high yield
3) diversified appearance texture: leather, fiber, cloth grain or solid wood materials
4) high hardness materials can be selected for coating
5) protect the appearance of the product

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