Plastic surface treatment -NCVM(Non-Conductive Vacuum Metalize)

- Jan 27, 2020-

Plastic surface treatment -NCVM(Non-Conductive Vacuum Metalize)


NCVM(Non-Conductive Vacuum Metalize):It is a non-conductive vacuum metallization coating process, or non-conductive PVD process. Since the metal used in the general PVD process is a good conductor, the metallization of PVD is conductive. NCVM USES a special metal, so it can produce films with metallic luster and non-conductive properties.
Process flow:

Cleaning-Anti-electric air show-Primer coating-Transfer-VM-Transfer-Top coat painting

Technical features:
1. The product does not conduct electricity, and can pass the high voltage test of tens of thousands of volts of high voltage meter, without conduction or breakdown
2. Semi-transparent control can be realized while the surface of the product has metal texture
3.NCVM does not conduct electricity and will not block signals

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