Plastic PVD vacuum coating process-success or failure points

- Oct 25, 2020-

Plastic PVD vacuum coating process-success or failure points

In the whole process, there are several points that determine the success or failure of the process:
1. Surface status of parts to be processed, including whether the product has defects, surface status, surface pollutants, etc.
2. The existence of surface defects will lead to the final aesthetics of the exterior parts. Of course, for the existence of minor defects, spraying process can cover up. However, batch defective products caused by injection or stamping must be removed before incoming inspection.
3. Surface state, which involves whether it is transparent or not, special surface roughness design. If the design appearance is required, the overall process route must be considered before the formulation of the process; otherwise, it is difficult to obtain the expected appearance effect after completion.
4. Surface pollutants. For batch products, how to remove the residual pollutants in the previous process is the key to the quality and efficiency. For example, in the injection process produced in the removal of mold release agent.
5. Fixture design, including whether the fixture ADAPTS to all the technological processes, whether it can ensure surface uniformity and clamping efficiency.

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