plasma treatment

- Aug 05, 2020-

plasma treatment


Plasma treatment is used to change the surface properties of various materials to make them easier to bond and paint. By treating parts, we can clean and activate surfaces and improve their adhesion properties.

Solid, liquid and gas are the three states of matter with which we are all familiar. We can move between states by adding or removing energy (such as heating/cooling). If we continue to add enough energy, the gas molecules will be ionized (losing one or more electrons) and thus carry a net positive charge. If enough molecules are ionized to affect the overall electrical properties of the gas, the result is called a plasma. Therefore, plasmas are often referred to as the fourth state of matter.

Plasmas contain positive ions, electrons, neutral gas atoms or molecules, ultraviolet light, and excited gas atoms and molecules that can carry a lot of internal energy (plasma emits light, because these excited neutral particles glow when relaxed to lower energies). All of these components can interact with the surface during plasma treatment. By selecting the gas mixture, power, pressure, and so on, we can very precisely adjust or specify the effect of the plasma treatment.

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