Performance and Advantages of A Turbine Molecular Pump

- Jan 16, 2018-

Turbo molecular pump is the use of high-speed rotation of the moving impeller to pass the momentum to the gas molecules, the gas generated directional flow of the vacuum pump. Turbo molecular pump mainly components by the pump body, the rotor with the blade (i.e. moving impeller), static impeller and drive system.


As turbo molecular pump in some aspects,it is better than the cryogenic pump, ion pump and diffusion pump performance is superior. Therefore, in the general case, more use of turbo pumps.

(1) Clean, Oil-free Steam Reflux

Turbo molecular pump can operate without any well and operate according to the operation rules, which can provide a clean vacuum environment for the pumped container and does not contain any hydrocarbons.

(2) Convenient to use

In many applications, turbo pumps may not require high vacuum valves or rough vacuum valves. Just press the button, the pump can begin to work, from the atmospheric pressure can be reduced to the ultimate pressure. The system can be coarse-pumped by turbo molecular pumps and can be accelerated up to operating speed. This eliminates the need for valves, pipes, traps, valve controls and other vacuum components. It also eliminates the failure of these components.

(3) Strong Gas Transport Capacity

Most turbo molecular pumps have a strong ability to deliver light gases such as hydrogen and helium, making them ideal for process operations under ultra-high vacuum. A turbo molecular pump specially designed for the removal of corrosive gases is suitable for etching, reactive ion etching, ion beam machining, low pressure chemical vapor deposition, epitaxy and ion implantation processes. During the processes, the evacuated gas can corrode cryogenic pumps, ion pumps, diffusion pump oil, and even destroy the standard unprotected turbo molecular pumps. As the turbo molecular pump belongs to the transmission pump, the pumped gas will not be accumulated in the pump, so it is suitable for the process of high gas load.

(4) Suitable For Ultra High Vacuum Applications

A good turbo molecular pump for sealing and degassing is equipped with two stage rotary pump with good performance (or the same performance dry pre-pump). The ultimate vacuum can reach 10-9 to 10-10Torr (133.3 to 13.33 nPa). If a turbo-molecular pump is connected to another turbo-molecular pump using a metal-sealed and well-degassed pump, its ultimate pressure is typically 1 × 10-10 to 1 × 10-11 Torr (13.33 to 1.333 nPa) between. And unlike cryogenic pumps or ion pumps, turbo molecular pumps operate at full pumping speed under ultra-high vacuum conditions.

(5) Good performance under high pressure

The inlet pressure of some turbo molecular pumps can run between 10-1 and 10-3 Torr (13.33 Pa to 133.3 mPa). In this pressure range, the ion pump cannot be used, for the cryogenic pump need to throttle pumping speed or regular regeneration, and the work of the diffusion pump will become unstable.

(6) Short Cycle Time

Most of the turbo molecular pumps, especially smaller one, usually need 1~3 min to reach the normal running speed. Pumps for different types and models are different and can be shut down immediately and can be exposed to the atmosphere.

(7) Normal Use for Long Time

In some applications, the normal use time of the turbo molecular pump is superior to that of other pumps. Because of the heavy gas load and valve leakage, will cause the cryogenic pump often variable interval regeneration or ion pump often repair, and turbo-molecular pump can also be used to eliminate the pump oil contamination of the vacuum chamber.