Oil-free ultra-high vacuum unit

- Mar 04, 2021-

Oil-free ultra-high vacuum unit
Vacuum units that do not use oil as working fluid and do not use organic materials to seal are called oil-free ultra-high vacuum units. The main pumps commonly used are cryogenic pumps, titanium pumps, sputtering ion pumps, etc., which can obtain the ultimate vacuum degree of 10-7~10-8Pa. Compared with vacuum unit with oil, it has the following advantages:
(1) can obtain clean vacuum, no pollution source;
(2) When the oil-free vacuum pump is started, the pre-pumping pump can be isolated;
(3) If the pumping stops suddenly, it will not pollute the system;
(4) no oil, no noise, no vibration, improve the working environment;
(5)High ultimate vacuum, high pumping speed, short pumping time.

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