Notes for nitriding parts

- Nov 09, 2020-

Notes for nitriding parts

1) Pre-heat treatment and tempering before nitriding -- The nitriding workpiece should be tempered before nitriding to obtain tempered Soxhlet structure. Tempering temperature is generally higher than nitriding temperature.
2) Pre-heat treatment to remove stress before nitriding -- The internal stress generated in the machining process should be eliminated as far as possible before nitriding to stabilize the dimension of the parts. The temperature of stress relief should be lower than the tempering temperature, the holding time should be longer than the tempering time, and then slowly cool to room temperature. Parts with larger section size should not be normalized. Die steel must be quenched and tempered, not annealed.

2) The surface roughness Ra of nitriding parts shall be less than 1.6 m, and the surface shall not have defects such as drawing, bruising and rusting. Parts that cannot be handled in a timely manner must be oiled to prevent rust. When lifting into the furnace, wipe with clean gasoline to ensure cleanliness.
4) The workpiece containing sharp corners and sharp edges should not be nitrided.
5) For the protection of local non-nitriding parts, it is not suitable to use the method of leaving machining allowance.
6) The workpiece whose surface has not been ground shall not be nitrided.

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